Co-operative Fees

Co-operatives Fees

Description Corresponding Form Fees Payable
Application to register a co-operative [Section 6(1)] CR1 R 215.00 per application
Registration of special resolution for amendment of constitution CR6 R 17.50 per section with a maximum of R 245.00
(View fees payable per number of sections)
Inspection of a document received and kept by the Registrar under the Act [Section 82(1)] CR13 R 21.50 per co-operative
Obtaining a copy of or extract from a document CR13  
   (a) When it follows inspection   R 1.00 per photocopy
   (b) When otherwise requested   R 21.50 per co-operative plus R1.00 per photocopy
   (c) When it is provided programmatically   R 23.50 per co-operative plus disk
Application to convert a company into a co-operative [Section 66(1)]   R 245.00 per application
Application for the amalgamation of two or more co-operatives [Section 57(4)]   R 245.00 per application
Additional fee for late lodgment of documents required to be lodged within a specified period [Section 95(1)(b)]   R 150.00 per document
Checking of documents and drafts of documents   R 50.00 per document or draft
Application for the reservation of a name, translated form or shortened form of a name CR5 R 50.00 per application

 Amendment of constitution: Fees payable (form CR6)

Number of sections that are amended Fees Payable
1 R17.50
2 R35.00
3 R52.50
4 R70.00
5 R87.50
6 R105.00
7 R122.50
8 R140.00
9 R157.50
10 R175.00
11 R192.50
12 R210.00
13 R227.50
14 and greater number / Replacement of constitution R245.00

Co-operatives Forms

Type of Form Description
CR1 Application for registration of co-operative
CR2 Return relating to directors
CR3 Notice of addresses and change of addresses
CR4 Notice of appointment of auditor
CR5 Application for reservation of name
CR6 Special resolution for co-operative
CR7 Financial statements for co-operative
CR8 Application for exemption from compliance with auditing requirement
CR9 Special resolution for winding up
CR13 Application for inspection of documents

Model Constitutions

When registering a co-operative, two copies of the model constitution need to be handed in together with the application form CR1.

The model constitution must be signed by all members and accompany the registration forms.