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Automation of Paper Based Disclosures for Companies and Close Corporations


Kindly note that from 15 October 2018, all Paper based disclosure requests should be done via the Enquiry system  Sign in with your customer code and password, and select Companies and CCs/Paper based disclosure.


1.  Only requests for copies for company and close corporation documents will be attended to.

2.  Only 1 request per ticket shall be accommodated (Submit a separate request in respect of each entity).

3.  Requests for certified copies will be posted via normal post

4.  For security reasons, no collections shall be accommodated, unless this is requested during an "Inspection of the File"

5.  Please ensure sufficient funds are available for the transaction to be completed

6. Duplicate requests will result in double deductions of funds, which will not be refunded.

7.  Turnaround time - 10 working days under normal circumstances and if files are readily available at off-site warehouse.

8.  No email communication to CIPC officials shall be entertained.  All enquiries should be logged via the Enquiries portal.

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