Requesting of files and obtaining of copies of documents from files

  • All requests for files, perusal of files, and obtaining copies from files, must be directed to Mpho Seaga via email only, at
  • Such requests need to indicate (a) which documents are required from the file/s, and (b) the customer code of the requestor.
  • The office will then request the file/s from the off-site storage facility, make the required copies and email same to the requestor.
  • The requestor will be billed for the retrieval of the file/s as well as the copies, in line with the fees prescribed in the Regulations for both these activities.
  • Copies will be made available within 5 working days of the file/s having been received from the off-site storage facility.
  • Also in the case of voluminous files where the copies cannot be emailed, the requestor will be advised via email of a date and time upon which the copies may be collected from the Division.
  • In instances where perusal of files are requested, the requestor will be advised via email of a date and time upon which the files may be perused at the dti campus.


The above outlined process should not be used where certain documents are available electronically, at no additional cost, as set out in Practice Note 1 of 2016 published by CIPC on 31 March 2016. Where documents are available electronically customers are to use such self-service facility in order to obtain copies of the required documents directly from the CIPC website at no costs, and without directing requests to the Trade Marks Division.

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