A co-operative must have a registered office in South Africa and this must be recorded in the constitution. The CIPC must also have a record of the co-operative's address and contact details.

The constitution must record the place (township/suburb/city) and province where the registered office is based. If the contact details of the registered office of a co-operative are changed, the co-operative must notify the Registrar of Co-operatives within 15 days.

The official documents of the co-operative must be kept in a safe place at the registered office.

The records of a Co-operative are all the important documents that relate to the registration and working of the Co-operative.

The Co-operative must include its name in all contracts, invoices, cheques, business letters, orders and other official documents. The name of the Co-operative must also be put up at its place of business.

A co-operative must keep the following documents at its registered office:

  • The constitution
  • Its registration certificate
  • A register of the Directors interests
  • A list of the members
  • A list of the Directors
  • The minutes book
  • Adequate accounting records

To apply for a change to the registered address and contact particulars of the co-operatives, follow these steps:

Register as a Customer

To view information on how to register as a customer, click here.  If you are already registered as a customer, and know your customer code and password, proceed to step 2.

Deposit funds

Should the place (township/suburb/city) and/or province where the registered office is based, change, deposit R17,50 into the CIPC bank account. For the bank account details, click here.

Lodge a request to change the registered address and contact particulars of the co-operative

icons-print.pngPrint and complete the following forms:

    • Form CO-OP3 - Address & contact particulars of co-operative (no fee payable);
    • Form CO-OP6 if place (township/suburb/city) and/or province where the registered office is based, change (17.50).

icons-upload.pngScan and e-mail or post the completed and signed documents together with supporting information to


icons-doc.pngThe following supporting documents must be included in your e-mail:

    • Resolution or minutes of the meeting in terms of which the change has been mandated
    • Certified identity copy of chairperson of the meeting
    • Power of attorney (if applicable)


Service turnaround time:  15 working days from the date of receipt of the application.

Click here to lodge an enquiry.

Important:  Queries relating to  transactions already lodged should only be submitted once the Service Turnaround Time has lapsed.