Other changes to the company's MOI may relate to one of the following:

  • Changing the type of the company;
  • Changing the main business of the company;
  • Changing article in the MoI;
  • Adopt a new MoI;
  • Removing, amending or inserting ring fencing conditions;

A special resolution is required to amend the company's MOI. If the amendment is proposed by the board of directors or shareholders, such board of directors or shareholders must be entitled to exercise at least 10% of the voting rights that may be exercised on such resolution and it must be adopted at the meeting of shareholders.

If a court order requires the amendment of the company's MOI, it must be effected by a resolution of the company's Board of Directors only (and not a special resolution).

The notice to amend the MOI (CoR15.2 and CoR15.2 Annexure A) must be filed  within 10 business day after the amendment has been affected by the company.

To apply for any of the following changes listed below, follow these steps:

  • Change of name of company including removal of shortened or translated name (it is advisable to file the CoR9.4 - name reservation) with the Cor15.2, since the amendment application will only be processed once the name has either be approved or rejected.)  All forms filed with the CoR15.2 must be completed using the name that the company will be using after the amendment

Register as a Customer

To view information on how to register as a customer, click here.  If you are already registered as a customer, and know your customer code and password, proceed to step 2.

Deposit funds

Deposit R250 into the CIPC bank account for the amendment.  If you are also applying for a name change simultaneously deposit R50 for electronic name reservation or R75 if you apply for the new name manually.  For the bank account details, click here.

Submit notice of amendment of Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) (CoR15.2)

 icons-print.pngPrint and complete form CoR15.2

    • If the amendment to a company's MOI  has substituted an MOI, or has altered the existing MOI by changing the type of the company, the company must include a copy of the amendment with the Notice of Amendment - complete CoR15.1A, B, C, D, E or own MOI.
    • If a company wishes to amend any of its existing ring fencing provisions within its MOI, or wishes to include ring fencing provisions, a CoR15.2 with the CoR15.2 Annexure A must be filed.
    • All forms filed with the CoR15.2 must be completed using the current name of the company

icons-upload.pngScan and e-mail the completed and signed documents together with supporting information to moiamendments@cipc.co.za

  • icons-doc.pngThe following supporting documents must be included in your e-mail:
    • Certified copy of the written resolution or minutes of the meeting at which the decision to amend was taken
    • Certified copy of ID of signatory (active director/company secretary or representative)
    • Power of attorney – if representative
    • Certified copy of ID of applicant

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