Register your Co-operative

A very simple definition of a co-operative would be to say it is a business where a group of people get together voluntary to address their common needs. 

A co-operative is a distinct form of enterprise that provides services and/or products to its members. Profits, known as surpluses in a co-operative, are divided among members in relation to the amount of the business each member did with the co-operative.

By registering a co-operative, you are creating a legal entity with powers and responsibilities as prescribed in the amended Co-operatives Act 6 of 2013.

Before you decide to register a co-operative you need to have a formation meeting to decide on common purpose and agree to register a co-operative.  At the formation meeting the members have to decide on the form and type of co-operative. There must be at least five natural persons or two juristic persons or a combination of any five persons in order to form a primary co-operative.  Co-operatives have certain principles and are expected to include certain values in all their work that they undertake.  Click on the links below for further detail:


Due to Co-operative Amended Act 6 of 2013. Co-operative registration fees are as follows:


R175.00 registration fee, that is:

  •  R50.00 name reservation (CoR 9.1 under eServices) compulsory and
  •  R125.00 registration fee.

To register a hybrid process must be followed:

To register a co-operative, follow these steps:

Register as a customer

Click here

Name reservation New e-services

It is compulsory for a co-operative to have an approved name before registration. For name reservation click here

Note the following:

  • The name must always indicate what the main business objective of the co-operative is. For example a co-operative that does Catering, the name must have a word like Catering as part of the name.
  • If the co-operative has multiple objectives, the main objective must still appear as part of the name but words like “Multi-Purpose” or “ Other Projects” could also form part of it.
  •  The fee for name reservation is R50. 

Note: Name reservation for primary co-operative registration must be reserved on new e-services

Registration Process

To register a Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Co-operative click here 

Note that an application to register a Co-operative must be made by a:

  • Minimum of two or more operational Primary Co-operatives in case of a Secondary


  • minimum of two or more operational Secondary Co-operatives in case of a Tertiary


  • Operational means a Co-operative that has held its annual general meeting and has submitted its annual report, audited report or independent reviewed report as applicable to the registrar in its last financial year.


Required Forms for conversion to a co-operative

  • CO-OP 1
  •  Constitution (A constitution must be submitted as part of the application)
  •  Certified id copies, (certification date not to be older than 3 months)

Co-operatives logging email:

Service turnaround time: 3 working days from date of tracking.

Click here to lodge an enquiry.

Important:  Queries relating to  transactions already lodged should only be submitted once the Service Turnaround Time has lapsed.