A non-profit company without members and with a customised MOI may only be registered manually.  For more information on registering a non-profit company, click here.

When customising the MOI, incorporators may decide to adopt a long-form MOI, which is already set out and allows the business person to select certain preferences, or may adopt their own MOI, with or without certain ring fenced provisions.

To register, follow these steps:

Register as a Customer

To view information on how to register as a customer, click here.  If you are already registered as a customer, and know your customer code and password, proceed to step 2.

Deposit funds

Deposit R425 for company registration without a name reservation or R475 for a company registration with a name reservation into the CIPC bank account.  For the bank account details, click here.  Use your customer code as reference when depositing money into the CIPC bank account.

Reserve a Corporate Name

For more information about name reservation, click here.  Any company may be registered with or without a company name.  If a reserved name is not included in the initial application, the company will be registered with its enterprise number. A name may be added at a later stage through a name amendment. A name amendment requires an approved name reservation and a special resolution to effect a change to the Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI).

To reserve a company name, follow these steps:

  • Click on”On-line transacting”/Name Reservation;
  • Login using your Customer Code and Password;
  • Click on Name Reservations/Proposed Name;
  • Click on “Proposed Names”;
  • Capture one to four names in order of preference. Please ensure that you capture the names accurately. If you make an error, you will need to apply for a name change at a later stage;
  • Click on “Submit Proposed Name”. 
  • A screen will display, indicating if the exact name test was successful or not.  If the test for one of the proposed names was not successful, it will be indicated with a cross.  Click on Back and propose another name if you want to add another name.  Click on Lodge Name Reservation.
  • The next screen will indicate that the proposed name(s) has been reserved, and provide you with a reservation number.  Click on either Back to Name Reservations or on Home.
  • You will receive an SMS and email confirmation of the name reservation with the reference number of the reservation.


 Important:  Queries relating to transactions already lodged should only be submitted once the Service Turnaround Time has lapsed.

Register your company manually

Print and complete the following forms relating to incorporation:

  • CoR14.1CoR14.1A
  • Decide whether you wish to use a standard long form MOI (which gives you a series of choices) or whether you wish to draft your own MOI (It is advisable to retain the services of a legal professional for this purpose.)  If you choose to use the standard long form MOI, please download and complete form CoR15.1D
  • You may impose restrictions on the management and ownership of the company in respect of any of the alterable provisions of the MOI.  This is called ring-fencing of provisions.  For example if you wish to limit the business activities of the company can undertake, you will need to ring-fence certain provisions of the MOI.  In order to ring-fence provisions, you need to submit CoR14.1C.
  • If you wish to appoint an auditor, audit committee members and/or company secretary, download and complete CoR14.1 Annexure D.  It is not mandatory to appoint any of these for a non-profit company, unless the company is directly or indirectly incorporated by the state, and organ of state, a state owned company, and international entity, a foreign state entity or a foreign company or if it performs a statutory, regulatory or public function.

Scan and e-mail the completed and signed documents together with supporting information to companydocs@cipc.co.za;

The following supporting documents must be included in your e-mail:

  • Confirmation notice of name reservation - CoR9.4 (if applicable)
  • Certified identity copy of applicant
  • Certified identity copy of all incorporators and directors
  • Power of attorney (if applicable)

Click here for the CIPC service standards.  Service Standard is dependent on payment for the transaction being made. 

Click here to log an enquiry (only after the indicated service standard has lapsed).

You can track the progress of your document by clicking on "Track my transactions" on the home page.  Click on  “Additional Services”, select “Customers” and then select “Document Status”. To check the tracking number, go to “Customer Transactions” under “Customers”.