A Non-Profit Company without members and with a standard MOI(CoR15.1C) may only be registered via an electronic platform. 

Non-Profit companies must have at least three director and three incorporator. The directors and incorporators may be the same person. The word “person” includes a juristic entity. This means that a legal entity or a trust may be an incorporator of a new company but not a director.  All directors must be natural persons.  

Non-Profit companies may either have members or no members.  The easiest form of Non-Profit company is a Non-Profit company without members with standard Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI).  Since the Non-Profit company without members have no members, it must indicate alternative method for the appointment of directors since there is no members to appoint such upon registering the company.

All companies must have a Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) which sets out the rules agreed to for the management and maintenance of the business.  The standard MOI is provided by law and is integrated into the company registration process (click here to preview a standard MOI).


A Non-Profit Company must have a name and cannot register with its registration number with (South Africa) as suffix as its name

A Non-Profit Company without members with a standard MOI may only be registered via BizPortal, at a self-service terminal, or E-Services.


Click here for the Step by Step Guide: Name Reservations.

Click here for the Step by Step Guide:  Registration of Non Profit Company (NPC) without members with a Standardised Memorandum of Incorporation (CoR 15.1C Registration).


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