Any company may be registered with or without a company name. If a reserved name is not included in the initial application, the company will be registered with its enterprise number. A name may be added at a later stage through a name amendment. A name amendment requires an approved name reservation and a special resolution to effect a change to the Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI).

 In order to reserve a name, follow these steps:

  • Click on "On-line transacting" and then on Name reservations listed under E-Services;
  • Login using your Customer Code and Password;
  • Click on “Name Reservations”;
  • Click on “Proposed Name”;
  • Capture between one and four names in order of preference. Ensure that you capture the names accurately. If you make a mistake you will need to apply for a name change at a later stage.
  • Click on “Submit Proposed Name”. 
  • A screen will display, indicating if the exact name test was successful or not.  If the test for one of the proposed names was not successful, it will be indicated with a cross.  Click on Back and propose another name if you want to add another name.  Click on Lodge Name Reservation.
  • The next screen will indicate that the proposed name(s) has been reserved, and provide you with a reservation number.  Click on either Back to Name Reservations or on Home.
  • You will receive an SMS and email confirmation of the name reservation with the reference number of the reservation.

Service turnaround time:  5 working days from the date of receipt, provided that all the requirements are met.