Who may register?

Any interested third (3rd) party, regardless whether these are individuals or enterprises in either the public or private sector, who wants to assist CIPC customers with CIPC transactions. The potential 3rd party must be familiar with all the CIPC services that they want to assist customers with. The following must be noted:

  • 3rd Parties are not agents of CIPC
  • 3rd parties may be discontinued at any time
  • 3rd parties may be criminally prosecuted should the system be abused in any way

 How to register?

1. Login on e-Services – https://eServices.cipc.co.za/

2. Click on the “Third Parties” link under the “transact” option

3. Agree to the terms & conditions to proceed (after you have read them)

4. Capture your contact details

5. Add employees (if any)

 What do you need?

  • Fingerprint scanner:
  • Personal computers (PCs) - minimum requirements
  • Software & Other Requirements:
    • Futronic FS88 or FS88H- only this make and models can be used
    • 4Gb RAM or more
    • Windows 7 and above Operating System
    • Reliable internet connection
    • Download link for all required software will be sent to all appointed employees by email
    • Only Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the supported browsers
    • Third Parties website is accessible from https://thirdparties.cipc.co.za/
    • Employees will have to scan fingerprints everyday before transacting
    • Step-by-step guide will be sent to each appointed employee

 Services offered

  • Private company registration
  • Company director amendments
  • Close corporations member amendments
  • Annual returns
  • Name reservation
  • Auditor changes
  • Company and Close Corporation address changes
  • Company and Close corporation financial year end changes
  • Authorised company share changes
  • Certificates
    • Paid and free disclosures
    • Memorandum of Incorporation documents
    • Approved names
    • Person disclosure
  • Enterprise enquiry
  • Customer transactions- declining balance
  • Balance enquiry
  • Transaction status enquiry

 For more info:

  •  https://thirdparties.cipc.co.za/