IP and SMEs Project in South Africa

Deliverable IV: IP and SMEs tool-kit to be used by SMEs Associations and other SMEs support institution in enhancing SMEs IP awareness.

The tool-Kit is deliverable IV of the Project on IP and SMEs in South Africa. This is a deliverable which independent and does not depend on the achievement of other deliverables in the project for it to take place. Other deliverables are;

  •  Deliverable I: SMEs Guide/Report.
  • Deliverable II: IP related technical support to existing Government SMEs support initiatives.
  • Deliverable III: Support and advise on Introduction/improvement of institutional IP policies to facilitate cooperation between SMEs and Technology and Research Institutions, Universities etc. in the area of transfer of technology.
  • Deliverable V: Awareness building/Capacity Building.

The Tool-kit will be made available to users by disseminating it to participants of trainings, workshops, seminars etc. on IP and SMEs. Some of the content will also be accessible online in the websites of the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The tool-kit will also be available at the offices of SMEs intermediaries i.e. SMEs support institutions, SMEs associations etc.

The objective of the tool-kit is to make the information on the relevance of intellectual property (IP) to business, in particular SMEs and SMEs intermediaries in South Africa, more accessible. It is expected that by making such information, which in most cases is in non-legal language, accessible, would enable readers to enhance their knowledge on IP and appreciate the positive role that IP can play in business strategies and in enhancing competitiveness of SMEs in the market place. In addition, the tool-kit provides an opportunity for SMEs and SMEs intermediaries to pursue further training on IP Management hence strengthening their capacities in utilizing IP more effectively in their businesses.

The tool-kit will be evolving and more materials will be added as time move on. Some of the materials/publications in the tool-kit can be used as source of content for IP related training/programs conducted by SMEs intermediaries or may be used to interject IP topics in Business related training/programs.