CIPC is  the custodian of information on Intellectual Property, Companies and Close Corporations as well as Co-operatives in South Africa. In pursuit of achieving our vision of becoming the gateway to formal economic participation, CIPC is transforming into a world-class organisation.

CIPC recognises that maximised human capital is key to delivering its vision. For this reason it strives to uphold values that will encourage, enlighten and enable its most important resource, its people.
Our people values

  • Foster motivated people to achieve healthy relations
  • Mentor and develop people unselfishly
  • Treat people with uncompromising truth
  • Embrace cultural diversity
  • New ideas shape our future

Do you have the passion to join the close-knit team which will turn CIPC into a world class organisation? Do you want to be part of transforming CIPC into an organisation where all stakeholders enjoy professionalism and the ultimate registration experience?


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