In order to effect changes to the board of directors, please follow these steps:

To appoint or effect changes to the auditors, follow these steps:

Register a customer code
If you are already registered as a customer and know your customer code and password, proceed to the next step.

Deposit funds

The number of Directors must at all times be within the minimum and maximum number of Directors as specified in the Constitution of the Co-operative. If you would want to increase or decrease the number of directors in the constitution, deposit R17,50 into the CIPC bank account. For the bank account details, click here.

Note: If there is no change to the limits of the board of directors, no change to the constitution is necessary. Submit only a notice of change to the board of directors to CIPC – Form CO-OP6 and CO-OP2.

Lodge a request to change the number of directors on the board

Form CO-OP6 if the number of directors on the board must be increased or decreased in the constitution
Resolution or minutes of the meeting in terms of which the change has been mandated
Certified identity copy of chairperson of the meeting
Power of attorney (if applicable)
Certified copy of ID document of each director
Reasons why the number of members of the Board of Director was increased out of term (if applicable);
Reasons for any Director’s vacation of Office out of term (if applicable), i.e.:
A letter of resignation of a Director should be attached. Also indicate whether the Director also resigned as Founder Member, where applicable. OR
Minutes of a meeting of the Board, if a Director was expelled as Director as he/she has become incompetent to be a Director or was absent from a number of consecutive Board meetings without leave, as specified in the constitution of the Co-operative. The Minutes must be signed by all of the directors and be certified a true copy OR
Death Certificate


Scan and e-mail completed and signed CO-OP2 form, together with supporting documents to or post it to CIPC.