The CIPC Service Delivery Standards are an indication of the maximum time it will take to process 90% of received applications/filings.  These standards will be adhered to on condition that customers submit accurate and complete information, and payments made as required.

Queries shall be lodged by submitting an enquery via the following emails as listed HERE , Facebook, Twitter or USSD *134*2472#.

The turnaround times for query resolution are as follows:

Email to relevant unit – 10 working/business days

Twitter & Facebook – 24 hours

3-tier escalation process

When a query is lodged via email, the customer will receive feedback from the relevant unit.

1st tier – 3 days to attend to the query

If the query is not attended to within five (5) working/business days after submission on the enquiry, it will be escalated to the 1st tier of the escalation process to the person concerned as indicated on each SDS, and must be attended to within three (3) working/business days after escalation.

2nd tier – 3 days to attend to the query

If the query is still not attended to or the customer is still not happy with the outcome, the query may be further escalated through the 2nd tier escalation, and the person concerned has three (3) working/business days to attend to the query.

3rd tier – 5 days to attend to the query

If the query is still not attended to or the customer is still not happy with the outcome the query, it may be escalated to the 3rd tier of the escalation process, which will be the senior manager of the business unit concerned. The senior manager of the business unit has five (5) business days to follow up and attend to the query. Note: Some business units may only have 2 tiers, in this case the person in the 2nd tier will have 5 days to respond to the query.

Complaint to the Ombudsman

If transactions are not completed within the stipulated service delivery standards, and if the 3-tier query escalation process has been followed, the customer may lodge a complaint with the CIPC Ombudsman.  The client should have all the necessary or supporting documents, as well as a screenshot of the email sent to the relevant unit and customer code handy to lodge a complaint to the Ombudsman on the following email contact: Complaints will not be considered if there is no proof that the relevant unit has failed to resolve the query.


Channels (See details on the website) through which applications or filings can be lodged:

    • Post
    • Drop off boxes (Physical)
    • Email
    • CIPC website (E-services; IP on line)
    • Mobile APP
    • BizPortal (and Banks)
    • SSCs and Partner Sites

List of Service Turnaround Times