Important to note

  • The standards are an indication of the maximum time it will take to process 90% of received applications.
  • CIPC is committed to continuously work on improving its service delivery standards and these will be reviewed every six months, as our systems and processes improve. Kindly note that CIPC is prioritizing the processing of on-line applications or lodgments relative to the manual lodgments.  Therefore customers are encouraged to file their applications electronically.
  • These standards will be adhered to on condition that:
    • Customers submit accurate and complete information.
    • The Customer’s account has sufficient funds available for the transaction to be processed.

Queries about our service delivery standards not being met should be lodged by submitting a query via the Query Resolution System (QRS).

3-tier escalation process (Automatically escalated)

When a query is lodged via the Query Resolution System, the customer will receive a reference number, which should be used in all correspondence with CIPC relating to the enquiry. 1st tier – 3 days to attend to the query If the query is not attended to within two days after submission, it will automatically be escalated to the 2nd tier of the escalation process, namely to the manager of the business unit. 2nd tier – 2 days to attend to the query The manager of the business unit has three business days to attend to the query, and if not done, it will automatically escalate to the 3rd tier of the escalation process, namely the senior manager of the business division. 3rd tier – 5 days to attend to the query The senior manager of the business unit has 5 business days to follow up and attend to the query.

Complaint to the Ombudsman

If transactions are not completed within the stipulated service delivery standards, and if the 3-tier query escalation process has been followed, the customer may lodge a complaint with the CIPC Ombudsman.  The client should have all the necessary or supporting documents, as well as the reference number received when the enquiry was lodged via the Query Resolution system, handy to lodge a complaint to the Ombudsman on the following email contacts: Kindly note that the complaints will not be considered if there is no proof that the query resolution team has failed to resolve the query.

List of Service Turnaround Times