Update: status on file transition project


The Notice (Notice 62 of 2021) issued by CIPC of file transition project has reference. The contract handover project of moving 7.2 million Companies, Close Corporation, Trade Marks, Design, Copyright and Cooperatives files to the new storage facility was completed on 26 November 2021.

There will be a delay of unavailability of files, while the new service provider takes the files on board to label and capture them on their systems for recording and retrieval purposes. Retrieval of files will still not be optimal and delays will be experienced until the end of November 2022 as we anticipate the end date of capturing more than 7.2 million files.

The request for Paper Based Disclosures must be lodged via the “enquiries portal’ on the CIPC website. The ticket must be directed to Companies and Close Corporation Paper Based Disclosures. Customers need to ensure that the correct customer code is reflected in the request with the entity name and entity number and must clearly indicate the document(s) requested. A postal address must also be provided in respect of all requests for certified copies.

NB: Only one request per ticket must be submitted per entity. If multiple requests are submitted from the one request, only the first entry will be considered. No perusal of files will be allowed until further notice.

The Paper Based Disclosure team shall for effective control no longer consider any enquiries by email. All enquiries need to be directed via the ‘enquiries portal”. Paper based disclosure requests must not be resubmitted to prevent duplication, as the current Paper Based Disclosure Workflow shall remain open until the file is retrieved. Various CIPC business units are impacted by the file transition as reflected above.

CIPC apologises for any inconveniences that may be causes as a result of the transition period and request that clients continue to be patient.

Status on file transition project