Scheduled network maintenance on all CIPC systems on: 14 August 2022August 11, 2022
Compliance notice issued to Nova Propgrow Group Holdings LTDAugust 10, 2022
Closure of co-operative online emailJuly 28, 2022
Intermittent downtime due to the Department of Home Affairs’ system challengesJuly 21, 2022
Return relating to directors and register of membersJuly 15, 2022
Voluntary deregistration of companies and close corporationsJune 29, 2022
Co-operatives that have been directed to change names by the registrar of co-operativesJune 15, 2022
Department of Home Affairs (DHA) link restoredMay 27, 2022
Call for nominations of candidates to serve on the financial reporting standard council (“the Council”)May 18, 2022
Status on file transition projectApril 8, 2022
Requirements for Company and Close Corporation Re-instatement in terms of regulation 4(2)(b)December 9, 2021
Co-operative that have been directed to change names by the registrar of Co-operativesDecember 1, 2021
Public companies contravening annual financial statements filing obligationsNovember 30, 2021
Compliance obligations of companies and close corporations in business rescueNovember 29, 2021
Appointing and resignation of auditors using the online servicesNovember 23, 2021
Commencement of deregistration notification to companies and close corporationsOctober 20, 2021
Filing of co-operative annual submission of information to the registrar (annual returns) and compliance requirements of annual financial statements (AFS) using XBRLOctober 19, 2021
CIPC Call Centre operating hoursOctober 18, 2021
Status on file transition to the new bulk storage facilitySeptember 30, 2021
Filling of joint business rescue practitioner appointmentsSeptember 29, 2021
Important changes to CIPC electronic platforms relating to short standard private and short standard non-profit without members company registrationsSeptember 23, 2021
Notice to accounting and auditing professional bodies: Independent review survey 2021September 21, 2021
Email channel functionality up and runningSeptember 9, 2021
Problem with practice numbers of auditorsSeptember 9, 2021
Notice Clarification on Liquidation documents to be submitted to CIPC November 2013September 9, 2021
Appointemnt of Acting CommissionerSeptember 9, 2021
Compliance requirements – companies act, 2008 as amendedSeptember 9, 2021
Delay in processing business rescue proceeding applicationsSeptember 9, 2021
Withdrawal of non-binding opinion dated 27 Oct 2011 Disclosure of directors’ remunerationSeptember 9, 2021
Warning against fraudulent activitiesSeptember 9, 2021
Closure of companies queries in the enquiries queueSeptember 9, 2021
Pending review of the Companies and Close Corporation re-instatement process (CoR40.5)September 9, 2021
Patent RegistrationSeptember 9, 2021
Processing of Company and CCSeptember 9, 2021
Lodgement of e-services applicationsSeptember 9, 2021
ID number verificationSeptember 9, 2021
Final deregistration of companies and close corporations referred for deregistration due to non-compliance with annual returns during January 2013September 9, 2021
Payment method discontinued (cheques)September 9, 2021
Disparity of company registrationSeptember 9, 2021
New filing channel for listed Companies and their Subsidiaries at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)September 9, 2021
Revised PCC 24 on verification requirements of South African companies and close corporations in terms of the FIC actSeptember 9, 2021
Notice to directorsSeptember 9, 2021
Closure of disclosure addresses and the resubmission of requests for copies of documentsSeptember 9, 2021
Director changes now done electronicallySeptember 9, 2021
Dedicated mailbox for company name changesSeptember 9, 2021
Discontinue acceptance of cheque depositsSeptember 9, 2021
Important notice to customers about CK2September 9, 2021
CIPC Scan to e-mail requirementsSeptember 9, 2021
Use of name reservation symbolsSeptember 9, 2021
Lapse of legislation fee exemption for conversion from a close corporation to a companySeptember 9, 2021
Guide to submitting company and close corporation applications via dedicated email addressesSeptember 9, 2021
Notice of non profit companies duty to comply with Annual ReturnsSeptember 9, 2021
Electronic lodgement of patentsSeptember 9, 2021
Lodgement in electronic format of certain documents in terms of trade marks ActSeptember 9, 2021
Lodgment of priority documents in respect of patents, designs and trade marks in electronic formatSeptember 9, 2021
Operational requirements in respect of electronic filing of new trade marks, patents, designs and copyright applications with the CIPCSeptember 9, 2021
Waiver in respect of penalty fees due to the late filing of annual returns until 30 September 2013September 9, 2021
Electronic CoR39 PasswordsSeptember 9, 2021
Non Profit Companies to Comply with Annual ReturnsSeptember 9, 2021
Restoration procedure for final deregistered companies and close corporationsSeptember 9, 2021
Scheduled maintenance on all CIPC systemsSeptember 9, 2021
CM29 Electronic LodgmentSeptember 9, 2021
File transition project – impact on business operationsSeptember 9, 2021
System DowntimeSeptember 9, 2021
Website unavailability noticeSeptember 9, 2021
Scheduled System MaintenanceSeptember 9, 2021
Self Service Centres offlineSeptember 9, 2021
Annual return and AFS / FAS technical challengesSeptember 9, 2021
Roll-out of Annual Return “hard-stop”September 9, 2021
Commencement of deregistration notification to companies and close corporationsSeptember 9, 2021
Disqualified directors lettersSeptember 9, 2021
The protection of personal information and the CIPCSeptember 9, 2021
Status on file transition to the new bulk storage facilityAugust 31, 2021
The protection of personal information and the CIPCAugust 31, 2021
External Company Registration (FORM COR20.1)August 24, 2021
Temporary change in submission requirements for changes to company MOI (FORM COR15.2)August 23, 2021
Notice to Accounting and Auditing professional bodiesAugust 3, 2021
CIPC file transition projectJuly 23, 2021
Discontinuation of enterprise search on the CIPC e-services websiteJuly 13, 2021
Rotation of Auditors In terms of section 92 of the Companies ActJuly 12, 2021
Delay in dispatch of documentsJuly 5, 2021
Essential services certificateJune 29, 2021
List of Accredited Professional Bodies whose members are eligible to be licensed as business rescue practitioners as at 01 June 2021June 6, 2021
Delay in release of automation of business rescue proceedings, business rescue practitioner licensing and business rescue practitioner appointmentsMay 28, 2021
Amendment of registration certificate (Form Cor14.3) issued via New e-services platformMay 25, 2021
Automation of Business Rescue Proceedings, Business Rescue Practitioner Licensing and Business Rescue Practitioner AppointmentsMay 24, 2021
Domain name registration via CIPCMay 9, 2021
Amended Notice In Respect Of Issuing Patent CertificatesApril 9, 2021
Requirement to voluntarily disclose solvency and liquidity test performed in the annual financial statementsMarch 2, 2021
Discontinuation of primary co-operatives manual submissionFebruary 25, 2021
Name reservation e-service processFebruary 16, 2021
New E-Service: New Company Registration (Short Standard Profit (Cor15.1a) And Non Profit Company Without Members (Cor15.1c)February 16, 2021
CIPC new automated processesFebruary 10, 2021
Requirement for letter of no objectionFebruary 5, 2021
Business Rescue mailboxesFebruary 5, 2021
Disparity of registration numbers and incorporation datesJanuary 29, 2021
Uploading on new-eservices for on-line co-operative registrationNovember 20, 2020
New e-services functionality: on-line co-operative registration now availableNovember 9, 2020
Re-commencement of companies and close corporations regulatory compliance obligationsNovember 2, 2020
New email addresses for applications relating to co-ops amendmentsSeptember 28, 2020
Submission of Annual Financial Statements using Generally Recognized Accounting Principles (GRAP) in XBRLSeptember 15, 2020
Impact of load shedding on CIPCSeptember 3, 2020
Pending final deregistration of companies and close corporationsJuly 27, 2020
Audited annual financial statements: Requirement to disclose remuneration and benefits of directors and prescribed officersJuly 21, 2020
Recommencement of referral for deregistration of non-compliant companies and close corproationsJuly 20, 2020
Acknowledgement of the appointment of business rescue practitionersJuly 15, 2020
New method of issuing confirmationJuly 15, 2020
Companies, close corporations regulatory compliance during government lock down of South AfricaJuly 13, 2020
New process for updating customer code contact details/password resetJune 4, 2020
CIPC Call Centre now open to assist customersMay 21, 2020
Phasing out of deposit systemMay 19, 2020
Printing granted and published contentMay 12, 2020
Patents & Designs, Copyrght and Trade Mark Division National LPatents & Designs, Copyright and Trade Mark Divisions – National Lockdown Level 4ockdown Level 4May 6, 2020
Business Rescue FilingMay 6, 2020
Essential Services Certificate issued by CIPCMay 5, 2020
Scheduled electrical maintenance on all CIPC systems from 10 – 13 September 2021March 13, 2019
Status on file transition to the new bulk storage facilityMarch 13, 2019