Manual name reservation service not available

The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (“CIPC”) is currently experiencing technical difficulties with the associated name reservation service (manual name reservation) and it is receiving urgent attention. Therefore, until further notice, this service is not available to customers.

Customers are requested not to submit any Associated Name Reservations (Form CoR9.1 with proof of association with existing name) via or any of the other existing electronic name
reservation platforms. If submitted to such electronic platforms, the proposed names on such application may be rejected, since it is associated with existing names and the fee payable will not be refunded by CIPC.

CIPC has prioritised the restoration of the process and / or creating alternative channel for the aforementioned name applications.

Customers are advised to continue with the registration of their For Profit New Company (through the various channels available) even though the company will be registered without a company name. Once the associated name is
reserved, you need to apply for a Company Name Change, free of charge. The registration number for the registered company will be its registration number with the suffix (South Africa).

Name reservation applications (Associated Name Reservations) submitted via and not yet processed will be rejected. If the transaction was billed already, the fee will be credited back to the customer code used. These applications will have to be resubmitted once the electronic platform is available.

 CIPC apologies for any inconvenience caused and confirms that this matter is receiving urgent attention

Manual name reservation service not available