Commencement of deregistration notification for companies and close corporations

The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) has commenced with the notification in terms of Companies Regulation 40, 2011 via e-mail for companies and close corporations referred for deregistration due to non-compliance with Annual Returns.

Companies and close corporations are advised to confirm the status of their enterprises, and if doing business or will be conducting business in the near future, to comply with  filing  outstanding Annual Returns and the required Audited Financial Statement (AFS) or Financial Accountability Supplement (FAS) and Compliance Checklist.

Outstanding Annual Returns and the required AFS or FAS including the Compliance Checklist MUST be filed before final deregistration.  The estimated period for final deregistration is mid November 2023.  The final date for final deregistration will be communicated in due course.

For more information:-

  • To confirm the company or close corporation status, go to / login / select Services / BizProfile / follow prompts.
  • To file Annual Returns, go to / login / select Services / Annual Return Filing / follow prompts.
  • If you have not received an email reminder to file Annual Returns in the past two years, it means that CIPC does not have your updated contact details.  Kindly proceed to file Annual Returns and then update director or member contact details.  Go to / login / select Transact / select Amend Company Director detail (if company) or amend CC member details (if close corporation).
  • CIPC offers a free online training course for Directors regarding their statutory obligations in terms of the Companies Act, 2008.  If you are interested kindly go to
  • If you have a mandate to file on behalf of a company or close corporation (so called intermediary – not CIPC agent), go to

For further enquiries, kindly log a ticket via / enquiries.

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