New call centre system and interactive voice response

Dear Customers

CIPC is launching a new call centre system on 26 September 2022. This will enhance the customer experience, as there will be a “virtual queue” where customers can wait in line for the next available consultant.

If a customer is already registered as a CIPC customer, he/she will be requested to provide their ID number. The purpose is to display the customer details to the CIPC customer service consultant, to save time, as the customer information will be displayed to the service consultant already.

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu will be as follows:

1. Self-help
2. Business Registration
3. Business Maintenance
4. Business Disclosure
5. Customer Code / Password reset and Finance/payment-related enquiries
6. Intellectual Property (Patents, Designs, Trade Marks and Copyright)
7. Any other enquiries

Once the call has been completed, the service consultant will offer you the opportunity to participate in a telephone survey. If customers do not participate in the telephonic survey, a survey will be emailed to the email linked to the customer’s profile at CIPC.

CIPC is launching a new call centre system on 26 September 2022